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Frozen fish morocco

frozen octopus Morocco frozen cuttlefish Morocco frozen red fish

frozen octopus morocco

FDA Registration Number : 18004629870 Approval Number : 5889
  • 1991 started in London importing seafood from 12 countries.
  • 1994 exported into Holland.
  • 1996 exported from Morocco.
  • 2001 exported to fish markets and fish canneries.
  • 2005 overseas leased 3 fishing vessels.
  • 2006 went into live lobsters and crab farming with fishing vessels.
  • 2007 exported to tuna farmers/vessels fishing bait.
  • 2008 built seafood unit for fresh/frozen fish.
  • 2009 exporting fresh seafood to chain of super markets.
  • Markets : Malta,Turkey, England, Holland, Fiji,Mauritius.
  • USA, Greece, Singapore,New Zealand,China.
  • Sri lanka, Libya,Bulgaria, Armenia, Korea,Iraq.
  • Azerbaijan,India,Georgia, Denmark,Ghana,Vietnam.
  • Togo,CAF,Benin,Cameroon,Italy,Spain,France.
  • Egypt,Sweden,Germany,Zimbabwe, Lebanon.
  • Portugal,South Africa,Japan, Malaysia,Canada.

OLIG is a company registered in Morocco with British share holders with the prime object of exporting Frozen fish and fresh Fish to the international Market.

We serve as a supplier to qualified buyers requiring quality assured, long-term supply relationships from Morocco, Our commitment is your opportunity and is formed on a nationwide reputation for excellence,We are serving clients from around the world to increase our Export.


Our policy to enhance the corporate business and provide high quality fresh fish and frozen, caught via environment friendly methods to the customers.


Our Strategy to establish a good customer relationship by delivering the goods on time,minimizing the rejects through enhanced quality checks and processing the fish fresh from catch.

The company prides itself on supplying top quality products speedily and efficiently in premium condition at competitive prices.

We have built up long-term relationships with fishermen and the strong partnerships established allowing us to maintain a consistent line of supply throughout the year.

Regular visit are made to our processing factory to ensure that the required standards of excellence are achieved.

We recognized the importance of sustainable fisheries; our fishing methods are environment friendly.

The supply of frozen fish and fresh fish are available almost through the year ? our guarantee , we will not disappoint you!


Our fresh fish are processed from European Union Approved factory in Morocco and delivered within hours of processing,We process mainly: Whole Round fish or HGT ,Weighed labeled and packed in Boxes.

The gross weight of these is around 10 - 22Kg per box.

The Whole Round Fish is processed and wrapped in plastic material and packed in Cardboard Boxes .

Our products will always be accompanied by a health certificate issued by Morocco Food and health Authority, a histamine report prepared in accordance with EU standards and any other necessary supporting documents.


Our Processing Factory is registered with the European Union and FDA, The facility maintains stringent requirements set by European Union directives complying with the EU preventive Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)-basdd regulations/standards.


We deliver uhe product to the customer location or any selected port by customer.

Product delivery timing depends on the aircraft operation frequency and sea cargo availability.


Our major customers are Fish Importers in Europe and rest of the world.


Our fishermen are well trained and qualified in fishing.

They use traditional pole and line method to catch, they are equipped to trace the catch.