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Frozen fish morocco

frozen octopus Morocco frozen cuttlefish Morocco frozen red fish

morocco frozen fish

The quality & payment policy of OLIG :

  • 1. Clients satisfaction:
  • The reduction in claims by discount refund through replacing of goods.
  • Refund by replacing of goods.

  • 2. Payment:
  • Payment 50% with order and balance against email documents after shipment and fresh and live 100% in advance.

  • 3.Human resource development:
  • Motivation & satisfaction.
  • Health & Safety.
  • Training.
  • Satisfaction of co operation partners.
  • The shareholders Returns and exclusive right of the partners.

  • 4.Mutually beneficial relation with suppliers:
  • The increase in the rate of suppliers Class A.
  • The safety of raw materials and packaging items.
  • Respect deadlines settlement providers.

  • 5.Environmental protection:
  • Control of waste.
  • Reducing emissions and energy.
  • No chemicals or additives with any Seafood processing.

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